I’m gonna be honest, I love Dan Brown. Not in an ironic way either, I genuinely love reading his silly books about religion, aliens, and the internet. That being said, I fell off the Dan Brownwagon shortly before The Lost Symbol came out. I don’t know why, but I did. I stopped reading his books, but was always infatuated with the man that is Dan Brown. A man so in love with symbols and mystery, that Random House created an online game to coincide with The Da Vinci CodeJust look at his website! It’s riddled with codes and ciphers. What a goofball.

D-Brizzle is most well known for his Robert Langdon books, however, he did write two other well known books. Digital Fortress was his first novel, released in 1998. It is about the NSA’s supercomputer TRANSLTR after it encounters a new code that seems to be unbreakable. If they do not release the fact that TRANSLTR and the NSA are spying on the public, they will sell the algorithm that unlocks it and will give control to whoever is the highest bidder. Though extremely relevant to today, I was not a big fan of the book. Of course, don’t let my opinion sully your reading experience.

His other mainstream book was Deception Point and, by golly, 8th grade Zach LOVED this book. The government discovers a meteor in the Arctic Ocean. IT’S GOT ALIENS ON IT AND EVERYONE FREAKS OUT ABOUT IT. However, there is a group that is trying to release evidence that it isn’t real. Now, the government must intervene and prevent that. It’s a silly, fun book. Nothing too heavy and so ding dang entertaining.

Of course, he didn’t just write those. He wrote two “humor” books called 187 Men to Avoid and The Bald Book. I haven’t read them, I have no idea what these books are about, but, just the fact that he wrote a book about avoiding men makes me so happy.

My plan for the next few months is to read the four Robert Langdon books before October 14 when Inferno is released in theaters. I encourage you to join along and read them with me! After I finish a book, I will be blogging a review and then watching the movie that corresponds with the book.

I am, of course, starting with Angels and Demons, the first in the Robert Langdon series. I will have a post ready soon about that. Happy reading!

P.S. Did you know that Dan Brown makes super cool slow jams? Well you do now.

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