Our town is small. Like, very small. The town I work in is even smaller. There are two movie theaters, one in each town. Both movie theaters are owned by the same person. Both movie theaters have three screens. Both movie theaters play the same movies. We 281bdbcf00000578-3060813-sharing_a_laugh_felicity_had_her_inferno_co_star_tom_in_stitches-a-30_1430375541808JUST got Star Trek Beyond about three weeks ago. It’s a little ridiculous. So, since my wife and I are going to a library conference this week to a more metropolitan area, we decided that we will be going to a movie after the conference is over. So many choices and so many good movies out!

Of course, my boy Downtown D-Brown has a new movie coming out on Friday which I am very excited for. Tom Hanks got a haircut and he looks good in the trailers. I subtly hint at my wife that we should go see Inferno this weekend. But, alas, we are going to see Miss Peregrine. I guess you can’t win them all.

inferno-coverAll that aside, I did finish Inferno in time to see the movie. Inferno is set in Florence, Italy, so it is a return to form for Langdon (To be honest, I didn’t much care for him running around Washington, D.C. Give me Europe or give me nothing!). Robert “The Dolphin” Langdon wakes up in a hospital with no memory of the past few days. He has a head wound that may or may not be a gunshot and people are trying to kill him. Again, return to form. In the hospital, he is treated by a young woman named Sienna Brooks.

However, there is something worse happening to Langdon besides the attempts on his life and the whole not remembering anything. His Mickey Mouse watch is gone! The absolute worst thing! Well that and he is plagued with visions of a silver haired woman telling him to “Seek and find”. His visions are stark and scary: bodies, feces (lots of talk about feces in this book), blood, general discomfort. It’s going to be a long night for Langdon.

He finds a small projector in his coat that will project an image of Boticelli’s Map of Hell, which is from Dante’s Inferno. With that setting into motion a dangerous chain of events. he is racing across Florence, aided by Sienna, to stop a deranged genius from releasing a plague that will cripple humanity.

Let me just say that this was my favorite Langdon up until the ending. I felt the ending just fell flat. All this tension, then suddenly, not anymore. It felt a bit like a cop-out, but, hey, whatever. I will say that Brown really stepped it up in terms of badass female characters in this book. Sienna kind of rocks and Vayentha is just such a cool character. If you haven’t read this, definitely pick it up. I saw it in Hy-Vee yesterday, so I’m sure it is everywhere right now.


Images via, viavia