Remember Magic Tree House? Two kids find a tree house in the woods and are whisked away on magical adventures throughout time and space. I used to devour these books as a kid. I always loved the titles. They followed a theme for each arc. The first set was all about times of day, there was one set named after days of the week, stuff like that. I always thought that was cool. And the cover art! Man, I loved that.

So, when I saw that the first Magic Tree House book was being adapted into a graphic novel AND it was available on NetGalley, you bet your booty I snatched that up.

This was a really straightforward adaptation of the first book. Jack and Annie discover the tree house, they get transported to the time of the dinosaurs, they have adventures. That’s pretty much the formula for all of these books, but why mess with perfection? The tree house is filled with books of all kinds. I saw one that was just titled “Llamas” and I really hope to see that one someday. Anyway, Jack is flipping through a dinosaur book and conveniently points to a dinosaur and says “Man, I wish I was there.” The tree house is like “Cool” and starts spinning. They end up in dino times which is where I want to be all the time.

How to trap a librarian.

Jenny Laird is the adapter of this book and she does a fantastic job with the dialogue and all that, but I think there are tons of props to be had for the illustrators, Kelly and Nichole Matthews. The art is just superb. It’s cutesy and fun and bright. I mean, come on, look at those adorable kids! My only complaint is that the T-Rex wasn’t covered in feathers, but I will let that slide.

Overall, this is a fantastic book to pick up for a reluctant reader. It’s simple and has a very enticing premise. It’s also the perfect scratch for your nostalgia itch if you are in your late 20’s. 5/5, 10/10, highly recommended.

Make sure you pick up a copy from your favorite local indie on May 4, 2021.

Thanks Netgalley for the eARC!

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